Name: Noe Valladolid
Occupation: Student / freelance writer and artist
Education: Received A.A. in General Studies from Long Beach City College and Certificate in Journalism in 1998.
Accomplishments: Award-winning illustrator, videogame champion and published journalist.

I am looking for a job at a videogame development studio. I am a web designer, writer, editor and artist with eight years of experience. Videogame developers and publishers including Midway, Black Ops Entertainment, Electronic Arts and Neversoft have taken my ideas into consideration for their respective titles. In 2004 I was invited to speak as an expert on Urban Vinyl, figure art and videogames at the Gamehotel event as part of the Game Developers Conference.
As an award-winning artist and journalist with Long Beach City College's Viking newspaper and City Magazine my training in the communication arts is extensive. I am proficient with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and have experience creating Flash animation in Adobe LiveMotion.
In addition to my formal education I also have job training in the computer field where I run and maintain a multimedia computer lab. I also present workshops in a variety of applications on the computer for faculty, staff and students of Long Beach City College.
I am confident that my abilities and years writing about videogames and providing feedback to developers should translate well into game studio experience. Despite not having a B.A. degree or formal game design experience I believe that my history and insight into videogames is unique and makes me a strong candidate for work in a game development studio. I work well with others and I am a quick learner and believe that I am suited for a variety of jobs but game art is where I can be of most use to your company.

- Noe V.